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We offer a range of tyres services including wheel alignments, tyre repairs, wheel balancing, and suspension checks and repairs.

At Hansens Tyre and Mechanical we use Safe-T-Stop to check your vehicle brake, wheel alignment and shock absorber systems. As an authorised Safe-T-Stop centre we are equipped with a brake test machine that allows for highest performance and test speed.

The Safe-T-Stop machine simulates and measures the precise brake force distributions on each wheel under heavy braking. Measuring the side-to-side and front-to-rear brake force distribution, twin-plate wheel alignment test system allows for highly accurate & repeatable testing together with two plate shock absorber test system measuring compression, rebound and distribution function.

Seized callipers, leaking wheel cylinders or axle seals, collapsed or blocked brake hoses, faulty or wrongly adjusted proportioning valves and master cylinder problems are detected immediately.

Our fully qualified log book servicing ensures your car is in safe hands, and we provide quality car service and repairs on all models… including four-wheel drive and Diesel vehicles.

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