Points to consider when buying a used car

Points to consider when buying a used car

The phrase ‘new for you’ can help you get the most out of your money when buying a car.

Used cars have a lot of benefits and you can often get a lot more, for a lot less. We’ve outlined 7 steps to second-hand success to help you choose the right used car for your lifestyle.

1. Identify your needs

Do you drive around the city? Do you transport kids to school? Do you carry tools to work? If you narrow down what you use your car for, you’re more likely to find the right car to suit your lifestyle.

2. Decide your budget

Know how much you’re willing to pay and look for cars at that price. Having a clear budget in your mind will help you to buy the right car without spending too much.

3. Research

There’s so many fantastic online tools that give facts and stats on different types of cars. By reading reviews you can find the type of car that suits you best.

4. Inspect and test drive

Photos are great, but nothing beats inspecting and test driving a car in person. Play with all the knobs and buttons, wind down the windows and test the air conditioning –it’s important in Queensland! Get a feel for the car and put it through its paces.

5. Compare

Back to researching – look at how much the same type of car has sold for recently. By looking at past sales you’ll have a clear idea what you want to offer and feel comfortable you’re paying a fair price.

6. Negotiate

This is often the most uncomfortable part of the buying process. No need to worry though, there is often a little leeway in the asking price. With all the research you’ve done, and the budget you have in your mind, feel confident and suggest a reasonable figure under the asking price and see how it’s received.

7. Drive away

The fun part! All your hard work has paid off and that’s it – the car is all yours!


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