So you’ve had a flat tyre, what now?

So you’ve had a flat tyre, what now?

The most immediate need when you have a flat tyre is to get back on the road. You will usually have to address this by removing the punctured tyre and fitting your spare, safely out of the way of any traffic.

However, it is critically important to organise for the punctured tyre to be repaired as soon as possible. This is especially the case if your vehicle’s spare tyre is a space saver (or speed limited).

The area of the tyre where the puncture occurs will determine if the tyre is repairable. Generally, tyres with punctures in the tread area are repairable.

A flat tyre is generally caused by a puncture to a tubeless tyre’s casing, allowing air to escape and causing the tyre to deflate. Punctures are usually caused by sharp objects like small nails and screws.

These objects tend to cause punctures less than 5mm in diameter. If they occur within the tread area of the tyre, a repair can usually be made to the tyre.


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    I do agree with the fact that flat tires should be repaired in the first place, as the spare tire is for the emergence and could not used for longer periods. It is also very important to inspect the condition of all tires including the spare one before leaving for a long journey. Apart from this, tire tread depth and pressure needs to be inspected at a regular interval and if damaged should be repaired in time. We could also ask professionals ( for more information.

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